How To Break Ungodly Soul Ties... Even If You're Not Ready

Break Every Soul Tie


How To Break Ungodly Soul Ties...

And Get Over It Once And For All. 

Discover the Simple Biblical Secrets to Breaking Soul Ties that the Devil doesn't want you to know. 

Do you know that you were made for beautiful, healthy, thriving relationships?

If you could identify the problemed relationships and follow simple steps, do you know that you can be free from ungodly soul ties? 

If you're praying for freedom and you love God, but you're still feeling stuck, let me show you a simple but effective formula that can set you free. 

"I was tired of feeling trapped 

I felt so much anger and pain that I couldn't explain...

And all I could do  was shut down" 

That's exactly how one person described their toxic relationships. 

A dreadful period of her life when all she wanted to do was escape. 

Ungodly soul ties make you feel numb, angry, anxious and frustrated. 

But you don't have to live like that!

After completing this course, you will not only be free from ungodly soul ties you'll be able to enjoy your life again. 

You will no longer felt the need to escape or go numb. You will begin to appreciate your most important relationships. And it will be possible because you'll have made the decision to create space for your most important and positive relationships to thrive.

By eliminating the negative, toxic ones, You're saying yes to what you want most.

Once free, You're whole life can begin to turn around. 

You can do this when you make the decision to BREAK EVERY UNGODLY SOUL TIE.  

Put an end to is the PAIN, frustration, and SUFFERING caused by unholy connections. 

And, in the process, become Closer than ever to God. 

Detangle Your Soul Ties [Free Worksheet]

How to break free from ungodly soul ties

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 Imagine waking up in the morning feeling confident. Feeling strong and excited about your life. 

Picture yourself beside your loved ones, totally at peace with your relationships. No fears, anxiety or suspicion.  

This is what shalom peace feels like. It is true Freedom. 

And it's your Divine Right to Enjoy! 

Hi, I'm Pastor Lily Mtongwiza

Years ago, I wasn't able to make my own decisions. I struggled to do the right things. 

Instead, I was always doing whatever I thought would make OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY.

Especially if I wanted special attention from them. 

And I would do whatever it took to get people to like me. 

If they were smokers I smoked,  

Drinkers, I drank.  

Party goers, I partied.  


But no matter what I did, it was Never Enough.  

When I tried to be myself, I ended up feeling like a loser.  

And after, I would beat myself up for all the stupid things I had said and done just to fit in. 

This went on for years.  

And it wasn't just with friends or romantic partners.

Even with my own Mom! 

No matter what I did, I couldn't make her happy. 

I was the first person in our family to ever finish university and I thought; Now she will be proud of me.  

But she just wasn't impressed.  

And that broke my heart. 

Back then I couldn't understand what the problem was.  

I just wondered  

What is wrong with me? 

Why do I care this much? 

How You ever felt like that? 

Since studying this topic and talking with others, I know that I'm not the only one.  

So many of us give and you give until it hurts. Only to be rejected again. And we're stuck in this place of shame and disappointment.  

One person wrote to me and said; 

"I thought I was completely over it. Until those feelings of worthlessness and pain started to surface. I felt just awful. Depressed and tired of just disappointing myself and feeling like I just can't break free.  

I struggled with forgiving myself. Because I should have known better." 

The people change, but it's the same old story. 

And even after the relationship ends, You move across town, -or country. You still miss them. 

They stay with you, they haunt your dreams. 

You start to imagine yourself running into them again. And just the idea of seeing them causes your stomach to tighten.  

And the worst part is; you know, if you see them, everything will go right back to the way things used to be.

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

 I know:
  • That you’ve endured enough drama. You feel like people are never going to appreciate who you really are. You’re ready to cut tie with them once and for all. Not just in the physical ties, but also the spiritual.  

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the negative and toxic. The effects of those relationships have taken too much and you're ready for a fresh start. 

  • You're longing for order in your life. And, you want to get right with God. 

  • You desperately want closure.

What's included:

You get Video Lessons 

3 Daily videos to guide you through the entire process.  

  • Day 1 Video: Identifying your ungodly soul ties. 

  • Day 2 Video: Letting Go! 

  • Day 3 Video: Deliverance & Freedom! 

Powerful Prayer Points 

  • Daily prayer points for each step. That means you're never doing this on your own strength. It's all done through the power and mercy of God.  

Detailed Action Steps 

  • You'll know exactly what to do, every step of the way. 

You Get Insights  

  • Discover the biggest mistakes you’ve been making in your relationships. That way you can correct them. And then you'll be able to enjoy healthy ones in the future. 

You Get Instruction  

  • Discover new ways to deal with your past relationships. Stop living with guilt and shame. Start pursuing good, wholesome relationships that are centered on Christ. Because that is God's will for your life! 

Experience Transformation 

  • You get confidence. and that means you’re automatically more attractive and authentic. You'll be able to start developing positive relationships that glorify God. 

Get Help 

  • You get encouragement and support. Pursue relationships with a new enthusiasm. Start making better choices using the skills you'll learn. Instead of relying on your feelings and emotions. 

 Because You Matter!

The only way to change your life is by making a commitment. 

A commitment to YOURSELF!

No one can do this for you. 

Not even God. 

Of course, God wants you free. But He won't force. You have to choose it for yourself.

When you make the decision to care for yourself, you're being selfless. Not selfish! 

You're actually doing the best thing possible for those you love. 

You're not only saying Yes to You. You're also saying yes to healthy relationships, families, and life. 

And at the end of the day, isn't that what we all want most?

Nervous or Unsure? 

There's one important thing I want you to know. 

You don't have to make any dramatic life change today.  

This course is not going to tell you to break up, get a divorce or cut anyone out of your life. 

You might be saying to yourself; " I know this relationship is hurting me BUT... 

"I'm not ready" 

 "I'm not sure" 

 "I don't want to be alone"  

And that's okay! 

Here's what you're going to do in this course. 

You're going to begin to acknowledge that something is wrong. And in doing so, it will lose its power over you. 

Because it's time to stop hiding.  

You're too important. The world needs You! 

And if you continue to let the pain in your life from toxic relationships  slowly eat away at you. Eventually, you're left feeling like there's no hope. 

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

This course will prepare you to transform your life.

It's a small but crucial step in reinventing yourself. By creating the space you need to enjoy healthy, rewarding relationships. 

This course sets you on the path to freedom.  

It sets you free from the lies you've believed about the people in your life.  

So that you can be proud of yourself and the relationships you've chosen. 

This course is more powerful than a Sunday sermon. And it's far more useful than a series of YouTube videos.  This course gives you an opportunity to focus on your needs. Especially the love you deserve as a child of the Most High God.

The Regular Cost of This Course is $350.00 

And the true value of the course is far greater than that. 

It comes out of years of research and working with people who are stuck in toxic relationships. 

I know how badly people need this.   

And I didn't want anyone to feel stuck, wanting to take it, but being unable to afford it.  

So this is what I've done. 

  • You will learn exactly what you need to break free from ungodly soul ties.  
  • Complications not included.  
  • Just clear directions that are easy to follow.  

And I'm giving you all of this

For ONLY $19

This special price is ONLY available for 3 DAY. 

Because I want to encourage you, and enable you to do something special for yourself.

After the deadline; this special price goes away. 

The course will only be available at the full price: $350.00



One More Thing!

I want this to be an easy decision for you. 

That's why I've removed all the risk and made this course

100% Risk-Free

You can go through the whole course, and if within 7 days, if you're not completely satisfied. NO PROBLEM. 

Just send me an email demonstrating that you've completed all the steps and I will happily give you a full refund. 

And the reason I'm comfortable doing that is;  I know this works. 

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Pastor Lily Mtongwiza
Pastor Lily Mtongwiza
I help frustrated Christian women master their emotions and behaviors so they can have an authentic relationship with God and others. 
I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wife of Pastor Lovingson Mtongwiza and mother of two beautiful daughters, together we lead 
Miracle Arena for All Nations, Western Canada Divisions, under the direction of Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso

 I love to help women walk faithfully with God and experience His goodness in their lives and relationships.

One of my greatest joys in life comes from doing something that helps heal one of the most heavily attacked aspects of our lives; our relationships. 

I want to do my part help promote and preserve healthy lifelong marriages. 

I am the author of The Ultimate Guide To Being A Princess In The Kingdom Of God 

And I blog regularly on my site Proverbs

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